Finding Inspiration at Every Turn


Indie Film Production Services, Music and Book Production Services.


Nightengale Entertainment LLC provides a Content Hub of books-to-film for authors, music sales for musicians, and co-partnership interest for filmmakers. The three Divisions of our company are shown below. 




MEADOWLARK FILM PRODUCTIONS --- Available Content for Movies 

Studio filmmakers and Indie filmmakers alike are always looking for more story content. We bring original stories and music together to partner with other filmmakers and production companies to make brilliant cinematic adventures for the screen.



NIGHTENGALE PRESS --- Make My Book a Movie 

For nearly 20 years Nightengale Press published books by authors all over the United States and abroad. We discovered that the talent pool in the literary world is wide and deep. We open the doors to all authors, known and unknown, to adapt their books to film. Screenwriters who adapt these stories will enhance the story with cinematic value while retaining the author's original vision and intent.  

SONG SPARROW MUSIC --- Earn Money with My Music


Performing artists and musicians need a place to earn meaningful money from their music, build a following, and promote themselves and their music to grow and prosper without having to build and manage a costly website. We offer them not only a home for their music, but also opportunities to grow as musicians and to qualify to license their work for film and television. 

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds


  • Our mission is to build a Content Hub to bring great NEW stories to life on screen.

  • To give voice to as yet unknown authors and screenwriters whose books, stories and screenplays will provide vibrant, new content.

  • To give voice to as yet unknown artists and musicians whose songs and compositions will enhance feature films and television programming.

  • To partner with visionary production companies, large and small, to create Feature Films, Episodic TV, Documentaries, and TV series for the screen. 


To discover creators of literary, musical and cinematic diamonds in the rough.


To facet and polish them

until they shine with brilliance. 


To open doors for creators of all ages and ethnicities to bring their stories, music and cinematic visions to life. 


And to give global audiences visual experiences that entertain, inspire, and provoke 

conversation for years to come.