Welcome to Nightengale Press.

The road from creation to publication can be long, but in today's world of complete connectivity, we chose to make that road shorter and easier for the author to travel. Through ease of production, nearly instant availability of worldwide publishing services today, authors receive personal editing of their manuscripts, one-on-one product development of their books, industry connectivity, online visibility, marketing advice, profit from their work, and a helping hand from the start.


Great editing is the key to great writing.

Any author who believes there is no need for an editor is not truly a serious author. Every writer needs an objective pair of eyes to see the inconsistencies in the manuscript. Even for seasoned writers there are often errors in grammar and punctuation, typos in spelling, issues with syntax and usage. There are often discrepancies in scope and sequence, facts and details, even descriptions and names of characters. Often the technical details and problems in how to design and format the book are daunting for the non-graphic designer. Working without editorial help is like walking a tightrope without a net: if you fall, you fall far, and if you live, you will be damaged.

We provide comprehensive editorial services within the scope of our contractual packages. Personal, two-hour editing sessions are conducted by phone (for all authors worldwide) or in person (for geographically local authors only). The manuscript is read aloud, so that awkward phrases, sentences, paragraphs can be discussed, changed and improved by the author with the help of the editor. This is an educational, one-on-one process where writers learn to improve their manuscripts by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the construct of their writing. Our authors enjoy this process so much, that when their first books are completed, they write their next books at a higher level of control and creativity.


Great distribution is the key to getting sales. 

Nightengale Press captures the best of real time opportunity as a revolutionary publishing company. We believe in digital, one-at-a-time technology that provides ease of production, nearly instant availability and worldwide publishing services today. Working in concert with Lightning Source, Inc. in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil and Poland, we provide industry connectivity, online visibility, and nearly instant delivery to customers worldwide. Our print books are made available through Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor to a global marketplace through all the major and many lesser online booksellers.

Through Ingram Content Group we produce eBooks for the iPAD, Kindle, Kobo and nearly 60 other tablets channels, making our authors' books available in the worldwide digital marketplace.

We work one-on-one with authors to produce fully edited publishing-ready manuscripts, design covers and illustrate children's books, and develop a marketing plan. Authors get publishing information, marketing training, one-on-one product development of their books, most of the profit from their work, and a true friend who helps them from the start.


We are the only publishing company to offer 100% ROI royalty structure so the author recoups expenses and then enjoys 50% to 70% royalty on sales from all sources.  

Please take the time to browse our services for complete information. Then feel free to contact us directly from this website through the contact form. We will respond quickly and with the information you need. We look forward to helping you bring your book to life!